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Contact Lenses
 We are now part of the Contact lens recycle programme
Don't forget to recycle any brand of your contact lenses, blister packs and foil -bring them to the practice and place them into our recycling box - we will do the rest!

Victoria J Smith Opticians has a robust contact lens practice with 100's of very happy contact lens patients. Victoria J Smith, has over 20 years experience at fitting contact lenses and is experienced at fitting contact lenses to people of all ages, from children as young as 9 to grandparents who are now wearing contact lenses for the first time.
Victoria J Smith Opticians is an independently owned opticians. Unlike some practices, we are not tied to providing own-brand or a limited range of contact lenses and can recommend the contact lens that is the very best for you and your vision, not just the lens from the range they have available.
We supply contact lenses from all of the major contact lens manufacturers such as Ciba Vision, Coopervision, Sauflon, Johnson & Johnson Acuvue and Baush & Lomb as well as some of the niche specialist contact lens manufacturers. This means we can have bespoke contact lenses made to the specific requirements of those people with highly complex prescriptions. Victoria J Smith is also highly experienced at fitting Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses too.
Victoria J Smith is embracing new contact lens technologies and is fitting more and more people with new multifocal contact lenses. These work in a similar way to varifocal spectacle lenses and are proving popular with people over 40 who require extra help with their near vision and reading.
Victoria J Smith Opticians want to make contact lens wear as easy as convenient as possible.  Victoria is very experienced in teaching new users how to easily and safely use apply, remove and care for your contact lenses. We offer direct debit contact lens schemes that incorporate home or store delivery. We also sell contact lenses in 3, 6 or 12 month bundles with or without solutions.
Whether you are an existing contact lens wearer or someone considering wearing contact lenses for the first time, call Victoria J Smith Opticians today on 0114 262 1955 to make an appointment.
Advantages of contact lenses
  • They offer a level of liberation that does not exist for spectacle wearers .
  • They eliminate annoying visual distortions - peripheral blur, magnifying effects and give the wearer 'normal' vision.
  • Contact lenses do not steam up, film over or become loose.
  • They can provide a tremendous psychological boost to children and youngsters with 'strong' glasses.
  • They can be worn for as little or long (within reason) and as frequently or infrequently, as you like.
  • They are the ultimate visual correction for sports participation - removing the problem of glasses slipping or the risk of them falling off during active sport.
  • Because they are invisible they do not signal to others that the wearer has a 'problem' with their vision.
  • Many people actually see better in contact lenses than in their glasses they provide a more natural form of vision correction being directly on the eye.
Daily Disposable Contact Lenses
Daily disposables are a flexible option, as you can wear them as much or as little as you wish. The main advantage of a daily disposable is the convenience by disposing of them at the end of the day which eliminates the the need for lens cases and contact lens solutions. As you are applying a fresh pair of sterile contact lenses to your eyes each day the risks of infection are also reduced.
Fortnightly Disposable Contact Lenses
2 weekly disposable lenses are an ideal solution for contact lens wearers who find their lenses become less comfortable by the end of the month, and want the 'new' lens feeling more regularly. They must be cleaned every night and stored in a sterile solution. 
Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses
Monthly disposable contact lenses are a cost effective option for patients who want to wear the lenses full time. The lenses are available in a standard hydrogel material or silicon hydrogel which is more permeable to oxygen - this leads to a whiter looking, healthier eye and longer wearing times can often be achieved.
Contact Lenses - Astigmatic (toric)
Patients with mild degrees of astigmatism can usually wear regular spherical contact lenses but if the degree of astigmatism is higher the vision may be better corrected with toric contact lenses. The lenses are designed with different powers to correct the individual curves of the eye. They are available in daily, fortnightly and monthly options.
Multifocal/Progressive Contact Lenses
There are contact lenses available with a multifocal design, which enables presbyopic patients to focus at both distance and near without the need for reading glasses. These work in a similar way to progressive or varifocal spectacle lenses.
Tailor Made Contact Lenses to any Prescription
Victoria J Smith Opticians is delighted to be able to supply tailor made soft contact lenses to ANY prescription, now matter how complex the prescription may be. This means to recent release of this innovative product Victoria J Smith Opticians can now supply bespoke contact lenses to people who have previously been told they are not suitable for soft contact lenses due to the complexity of their prescription. These lenses are supplied as either monthly or 3 monthly replacement soft lenses.
Coloured Contact Lenses
If you want to change your eye colour, tinted monthly and daily disposable contact lenses are available. These are quite popular for people who do not even need a prescription but just fancy an eye colour change to match their outfit!
Gas Permeable Contact Lenses
Gas permeable contact lenses are rigid plastic lenses that transmit oxygen.Because they retain their shape on the eye, they mask some corneal irregularities and astigmatism and tend to provide sharper vision than soft contact lenses. Rigid gas permeable lenses do however require a period of adaption as they are not instantly comfortable on initial insertion.
Contact Lenses for Children and Young People
Did you know? Children as young as 8 can successfully wear contact lenses

Did you know? Contact lenses have been found to improve children's concentration and therefore their school performance.
Did you know? New research shows that nearly 1:5 (20%) of young people do not wear their prescribed glasses.
Did you know? The medical officers for the Schools Association say 'Whenever possible, pupils should use soft contact lenses to correct vision during sport -in sports involving direct contact (e.g. rugby; football and martial arts) only soft contact lenses or nothing are acceptable'
Victoria J Smith is skilled at the assessment and fitting of contact lenses. We have a growing number of under 10 year olds who are successfully wearing contact lenses, many of which wear them on a part time basis e.g. for dancing and football but are happy to wear their glasses most of the time.
Once Victoria J Smith has decided the young person is suitable and sufficiently motivated to become a contact lens wearer, they will be shown how to safely apply, remove and care for their lenses.
Victoria J Smith has 3 of her own children and has plenty of patience and gives excellent contact lens training. Following this and once everyone is happy, parents included, the young person will be given contact lenses to try at home. With the advent of daily disposable lenses, part-time wear has become very convenient and can be very cost effective.
How often should you have a contact lens check?
To ensure continued comfort and safely with contact lenses, regulations for ordering in the UK are strict. Most regular wearers will need to be seen every 12 months.
Internet versus real life ordering!
It is often thought that ordering contact lenses through the internet is the cheapest way and we would agree that the contact lens prices look fantastic on line.
Often, once the the cost of regular check-ups and any unscheduled checks (ie: lost/broken contact lenses contact lens problems, emergencies or any concerns you have) are added up, ordering through the internet can end up being the same price or only marginally cheaper, making it more cost effective to use our clinic for lens checks and ordering combined.
Choosing Victoria J Smith Opticians:

  1. Benefiting from an experienced and friendly team on the end of the phone or in person.
  2. If you loose/tear a monthly/daily contact lens we will endeavor to provide you with 2 FREE replacements in the year.
  3. Regular communication from the practice to let you know when your check ups are due and when lenses have arrived.
  4. 4 days of appointments during the week with early morning and early evening also available, including Saturdays.
  5. Although we'd love to see you, if you are too busy to call in we can arrange for home delivery (that's just from £1 a month extra)
  6. To keep you up to date with new products, were happy to supply a free trial of any lens we feel would be more comfortable for you - just ask.

AOP videos for patients on using Contact Lenses and on correct hand washing:

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