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A cloudy day and starting to spit with rain but off for a jog later - will be wearing my contact lenses so my glasses don't get wet and smeary and I can't see - I wear daily disposables as my eyes are dry and I can't tolerate my lenses all day, but a fresh lens every time I wear them helps

Monday 3rd Feb 2020
Off to The Archer Project Sheffield this morning - Thank you to Dunelm Eyewear & Zeiss for providing free glasses for the clients

Thursday 16th April
Day 24 of lockdown
The sun is shining again for us thankfully- don't forget to wear your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the suns UV rays - if you need a new pair of prescription sunglasses - please call 0114 2621955 and we can help - we can even deliver to your home when ready

Friday 17th April
Day 25 of lockdown
Check out our Friday Funny on social media - just to make everyone laugh!

Monday 20th April
Day 28 of lockdown
Make sure you are eating healthily to keep your body & your eyes healthy eg: carrots to help your night vision! This is not a myth! Lots of green leafy vegetables- spinach, kale & courgette are the best and all the berries you can eat - strawberries, blueberries and raspberries - why not order some seeds or plugs online and grow them your self!

Tuesday 21st April
Day 29 of lockdown
My sunflowers are growing really well - the children have sown them from seed - were having a competition to see whose sunflower will grow the tallest! I wonder who wins?

Wednesday 22nd April
Day 30 of lockdown
William has received his tinker box today - he's learning automation- hopefully when he puts the set together we will have a butterfly that flaps or a giraffe that moves up and down! check out our social media for updates

Friday 24th April
Day 32 of lockdown
Today I'm going into work this afternoon , for a little boy who has broken his glasses he wears them full time - so we need to get him a new pair asap -full PPE will be worn

Sunday 26th April
Day 34 of lockdown
Been for a 10 mile walk this morning - still had my Bolle wrap around prescription sunglasses on even though it isn't full sunshine - just stops any headaches from squinting when the sun came out!

Tuesday 29th April
Day 37 of lockdown
The sun has gone and hopefully the hay fever symptoms for any of you sufferers - you could try the following to help if you are still having symptoms -tie long hair back, keep washing your hands, wrap around glasses when you go outside, cold compress, keep windows & doors shut, keep car windows shut, change your clothes when you get in, shake your coat outside to remove any pollen , dry your clothes inside to stop pollen getting to them, hide from high pollen counts, avoid gardening, try anti histamine eye drops, keep a hay fever diary - hope this helps you!

Thursday 30th April
Day 39 lockdown
Glaucoma patients during Ramadan -please keep using your glaucoma eyedrops as specified - if you stop it can lead to irreversible sight loss

Friday 1st May
Day 40 lockdown
Pinch & a punch for the first of the month ~& you can't do it back to me! This is a tradition that is said in our house every 1st of the month - anyone else do this too? The children race to be the first to say it!

Monday 4th May
Day 43 lockdown
Only 6 days till we find out how we will exit lockdown - can't wait to find out the strategies - looking forward to seeing you all again

Tuesday 12th May
Day 50 of lockdown
What did Victoria J ~Smith Opticians do yesterday?
*managed 2 emergency eye phone calls
*repaired glasses for Mrs S in Millhouses
*ordered contact lenses for Mr D
*delivered dry eye drops for Mr T in Woodseats
*delivered replacement glasses for a child in Woodseats
Victoria J Smith Opticians are still here for you!

Wednesday 13th May
Day 51 of lockdown!
A busy day at work yesterday - back to the practice on Friday afternoon- already got deliveries of contact lenses and dry eye drops booked ! Sun is almost shining - but still a bit chilly- we have had a return of bees to our bird box this year - they look like they are barricading themselves in! Any ideas why they are using the bird box?

Thursday 14th May
Day 52 lockdown
Well - the sun is out again but its still really cool - just walked to the local shop for some chocolate! and it was freezing but had my sunglasses on- its so bright -off to water my sunflowers this afternoon- they are really growing now

Friday 15th May
Day 53 lockdown
The sun is out, I'm off to the practice again this afternoon- for delivery of contact lenses, and dry eye products and an emergency glasses repair - looking forward to a drive through the beautiful countryside to get there -

Wednesday 20th May
Day 58 lockdown -
Its the hottest day of the year so far today - I have sourced all of the products we need for the practice to make our customer journey safe, when we get back to testing routine eye tests - so we will be ready when we are allowed by the Government and Optical bodies - we will keep you informed
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